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My interest in print and design dates back to my schooldays, when I first learned how to lay out pages using cut-up columns of type pasted down with cowgum. The excitement of seeing my efforts in print stayed with me. After reading English at university, I trained with a London publishing house, before moving to the West Country to work as a freelance editor, copywriter and designer.

During the eighties and nineties I designed and produced educational books for OUP, Macmillan and Nelson Thornes amongst others, until the digital revolution kicked in and the balance of my work shifted to more general print and web design. I still enjoy designing illustrated books, but I now handle a much wider range of work – from websites to brochures and booklets to posters for the local community library.

How I work

I try to approach each project with a fresh mind, researching the background first and trying to get a clear understanding of your needs before I start work.

After reviewing the brief, I usually work out an estimate of cost and a schedule. I then go on to produce design visuals, which I discuss with you and adjust if necessary before moving on to final artwork. Sometimes design and editorial costs are difficult to predict, but I will always give you plenty of warning if I think the job might go over budget.